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MX5 lsd groupbuy

MX5 lsd groupbuy

From Lukasz we received a request for a groupbuy of MX5 lsd’s. We have already had several customers from Poland for the OS Giken superlock and the news has spread. We have made packages including special setups, bearing kits, oil and of course the LSD’s themselves. Lukasz was so kind as to write a review for us and add some pictures, see below:

Lukasz review of the OS Giken superlock LSD for Mazda MX5

S Giken review and notes –
LukasCar spec: 204HP/207nm, 215-225/45/17 semi slicks, short final gear.
Previously I had a properly working factory LSD.
Driver spec: ~5000-6000 track km experience, no special talent
I drove my friend’s car equipped with a plate LSD for an hour or so. I was astonished how much difference a proper rear diff makes!
I tried to buy the best possible hardware, which seemed to be OS Giken. I was afraid the car would be undriveable on the street.

Here are my first impressions, after driving the car for half a season:
– Car is much, much more predictable. I had very little drifting experience, but right now the car encourages some slides. Which is amazing fun.
– Driving on the road is safer and easier. Having the traction control means you won’t be able to slide in NC miata. Having it off means you could slide when you want, and avoid it when you don’t want it. No surprises anymore.
– Driving on a fast track means I can now brake later, brake less, and get back on gas faster. It was pretty easy to adapt to that.
– Driving on a slow track was very unpleasant at first, I had difficulty adapting. Friend helped me to adjust the setup – I had my back axle too stiff. After fixing it I was able to again fight for the highest podium spots in my class.
– Wet or rainy conditions are becoming my favourite right now. Most people hate when it rains on a track day. Thanks to OS Giken I got confident enough that I get a lot of pleasure from such conditions – no matter if I try to get a good laptime or just slide for fun.

In summary: OS Giken is one of most important modifications I made in my track car. I’m finally able to fully utilize the RWD drivetrain, and have tons of fun while doing it!The car is finally easier to understand and predict. I’m also having no issues utilizing the car on a daily basis, on public roads. 10/10!
Special thanks to Jurrian – his knowledge and attitude is great!

One last note: people say that the disc plate LSDs are generating lots of power loss. First dyno session seems to be proving that it’s not true.

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